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Proudly Made in the United States

"The Perfect Piece To Show Your American Pride On Your Wall"

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Distressed Battle Flag


$89.00  Starting at ONLY $41

$89.00  Starting at ONLY $41

4 Sizes To Choose From:

4 Sizes To Choose From:

"I love this sign from Redline Steel! It was the perfect gift for my son's new barber shop that he recently opened"
- Karen M.

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Meet the Founder: SSG Colin Wayne Erwin
(US Army, Military Police 2006 - 2013)

  Distressed Battle Flag


Support American Made Manufacturing


First Time Customer Offer...

4 Size Options To Choose From:

 Exceptional Quality! When I received my order I was surprised to see the quality in the piece. I could definitely tell the difference in this businesses decor products and purchasing from other retail stores around my town
- Connie S. Verified Buyer

4 Size Options To Choose From:

54% OFF + FAST Shipping!


Support Small Businesses VS Corporate Giants

   Proudly Made and Shipped In the USA from Huntsville, AL



As you know,

More products every year are being outsourced to other countries like China, Taiwan, and India. Leaving America in a HORRIBLE position where we are becoming reliant on other countries to produce majority of our goods.

Here at Redline Steel we provide High Quality AMERICAN MADE Products that are manufactured and fulfilled from Huntsville, Alabama. Supporting over 100+ Full Time employees and their families.

For nearly 6+ years now we have been a business, and have proudly been able to support not only the local community, but also through our Humanitarian and Philanthropy givebacks donated over $5,000,000+ in product donations to Charities, Non-Profits and others (Medical Professional, First Responders, Military)

In the process we have developed an incredible community of "Redline Elite" customers who genuinely love what we are all about at Redline. Which is putting "People Over Profit " 

All of our Steel Products are...

  • Manufactured in Huntsville, Alabama
  • ​Shipping thousands of orders daily
  • ​High Quality Inspections Performed

Take a minute and look around your house... Or at least take a minute and think about all of the items in your house and you'll likely realize that majority of your items have a "Made in China" sticker on them… think again.

Let us make your house a home and transform your house with our beautiful Wall Decor products. 

Deeply rooted in American Tradition of Honor, Integrity and Supporting the hard working people in the United States with a simple, wholesome philosophy of when you give without the expectation... you can't go wrong.

So let us introduce you to our brand at Redline Steel, and celebrate with us reaching a new milestone.... 2.5 Million orders placed on our website and claim our "Distressed Battle Flag" starting at Only $41 + Fast 1-3 Day Shipping.  (Perfect Gift Idea)

But enough of the small talk...

It’s time to Make Your House a Home with our Distressed Battle Flag

Warning: Our Products are addicting, and will likely have you placing numerous orders due to the quality and mission statement behind our brand.

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4 size options to choose from

American Made Products more of that cheap wall art decor! 

With Redline Steel you can rest assured of the following:

  • ​100% Made In The USA
  • Veteran Owned and Operated
  • ​High Quality Steel 
  • ​Outdoor / Indoor Safe
  • Over 400,000+ Verified Customer Reviews

Supporting local businesses is CRUCIAL to ensure that our kids and future grandchildren can have the same American Freedoms with Domestic Product options instead of relying heavily on other countries.

Veteran Owned and Operated

Limited Time Offer! Starting at Only $41

   + FAST Redline Prime Shipping!

Q: Where are you located?

Answer: We have 2 Manufacturing and Fulfillment Centers with over 150,000 square feet in Huntsville, Alabama 

Q: Do you offer other products? 

Answer: Absolutely, we have hundreds of other product options to choose from on our main website ranging from Steel Wall Decor, Apparel, Canvas, plus more. 

Q: What kind of payment options do you offer?

Answer: We offer several methods for ordering online. All Payment Options are listed below and are valid for all items listed on our website including All Major Credit and Debit Card, Paypal, and Amazon Pay. 

Q: Do you offer International Shipping?

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not currently offer International Shipping, however, this is an option that we will be looking into in the near-future.  At this time, we only offer Domestic Shipping within the United States, with the exception of APO/AE addresses. We do not offer shipments to territories such as: Puerto Rico, Guam, etc. We CAN however ship to Hawaii and Alaska.

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